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A Profile of Dr. Mark Dekutoski, CORE Institute Researcher

August 25, 2017

It is obvious that Dr. Mark Dekutoski loves to teach because he does it every chance he gets. It is likely that his love of teaching comes from what seems to be a lifelong love of learning, which is evident when you look at his impressive education. It all started with his high school graduation, but continued when he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Albion University in 1982. That was just the beginning, as he graduated with a medical degree from Wayne State University’s Medical School in 1986.

Then, since he was now Dr. Mark Dekutoski, MD, he completed an internship in general surgery in 1987 and a residency in orthopedic surgery in 1991, also under the auspices of Wayne State School of Medicine. He followed that with a fellowship at the Twin Cities Scoliosis Spine Center at the University of Minnesota in 1993, as John H. Moe Clinical Spine Fellow. Dr. Dekutoski possesses enormous research and writing skills, as evidenced by his more than 60 papers and studies in peer-reviewed medical journals. As well as his time as a reviewer, collaborator and even editor for many surgery-related medical journals. He even edited a supplement for Spine, which serves as one of the most prestigious orthopedic journals anywhere.